Covid-19 vs Constitution: Berkeley Violation Of Our Rights

Dear Berkeley Neighbor,

The million+ American soldiers who gave their lives are rolling over in their graves. They gave their lives because they knew liberty to be always more important than “saving lives”.

Nothing about this is normal, and many actions of our public officials are blatantly unlawful. The Constitution still applies and cannot be ignored.

Our government has proven ability to build 2000+ bed hospitals in under 5 days. Thus the justification of shelter-at-home to prevent hospital overruns is untrue, which means it is not Consitutionally lawful. Emergency restriction of our Constitutional liberties is only lawful when it is the least restrictive option available.

I want to share a key article written by well-known Constitutional attorneys John Yoo and Harmeet Dhillon which makes clear some of the many constitutional problems:


Attorney Dhillon successfully forced Riverside and San Bernadino counties to allow church attendance for Easter, is now suing Governor Newsom, and is aggressively raising the question of piercing qualified immunity of our public official, holding them personally financially accountable for their unlawful decisions. Attorney John Yoo successfully justified torture under George W Bush. Agree or disagree, neither of them can be easily ignored as the most notable Constitutional lawyers in America.

Given the blatantly unconstitutional nature of the decisions made by Berkeley Public Health Officer Lisa Hernandez, Mayor Jesse Arreguin, and city officials, aggressive litigation that pierces their qualified immunity is absolutely one path toward restoring our rights. Protests like the ones that just happened in Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina are equally critical.

Do you agree that civil liberties are more important than saving lives and that we must honor the sacrifices of the million+ American soldiers who gave their lives to protect our rights?

Now is the time to organize to protect our rights, and in so doing, to honor the millions who gave their lives for our rights. Leadership and courage matter now.

Please hit reply and let me know how you’re feeling. Let us start a city-wide dialogue to demand respect of the Constitution from our public officials.


Vladislav Davidzon

PS If you agree that we must protect the Constitution, forward this e-mail widely to your friends and neighbors.